Template Tables

The template tables below can help jurisdictions in applying the NSPM framework and multi-step process to develop their primary Jurisdiction-Specific Test – whether the state’s process involves modifying an existing cost-effectiveness test CET) or developing a new primary one – both single- or multi-DER applications.

The tables can help guide jurisdiction efforts to support transparency in 1) articulating applicable policy goals and objectives, identifying relevant impacts to account for in the CET (and relative to any existing practices; and 2) documenting benefit-cost analysis (BCA) results.

Note that these template tables are periodically updated based on state application experience.

Inventory of Applicable Policies and Relevant Impacts Spreadsheet 

Cost-Effectiveness Test Results Reporting Tables (for single DERs)

If you have any questions or comments/feedback on the template tables, please contact NSPM@nationalenergyscreeningproject.org.