The National Energy Screening Project* (NESP) mission is to improve cost-effectiveness screening practices for distributed energy resources (DERs). NESP joins organizations and individuals with a common interest in improving cost-effectiveness assessment — also referred to as benefit-cost analysis (BCA) — of distributed energy resources (DERs).

NESP is a stakeholder organization and is open to all organizations and individuals with an interest in working collaboratively to improve BCA practices. To find out more about membership, and to join, see NESP Membership.

E4TheFuture serves as coordinator of the NESP and manages its publications, including the National Standard Practice Manual for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources (NSPM for DERs). Content is guided by an Advisory Group.

Work includes research and publication of the Database of Screening Practices (DSP) which currently focuses on BCA practices for energy efficiency.


*The NESP name changed from “National Efficiency Screening Project” to “National Energy Screening Project” in 2020 to reflect NSPM’s expansion to a broader set of distributed energy resources.