Advisory Group

The NESP’s primary publication, the NSPM for DERs, is guided by an Advisory Group whose role is to:

  1. Guide development, including review and comment on draft NSPM materials;
  2. Advise on dissemination and education/training around use of the NSPM in jurisdictions; and
  3. Inform modifications to improve the NSPM over time.

The Advisory Group is represented by diverse stakeholders including state and federal agency staff (public utilities commission, state energy offices, US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agencies), utilities, evaluators, DER providers, consumer advocates, NGOs, and others.

NESP Advisory Group

Adam Scheer, Recurve

Adam Zoet, MN Dept of Commerce

Andy Satchwell, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Anna Kelly, Power Takeoff

Beth Conlin, US EPA – Climate Protection Partnerships Division

Courtney Welch, Esource

Cyrus Bhedwar, Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance

Dan Cross-Call, Uplight

Dan Violette, Apex Analytics

Dana Lowell, MJ Bradley

Danielle Sass Byrnett, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

Deborah Reynolds, WA Utilities & Transportation Commission

Don Gilligan, National Assoc of Energy Service Companies

Don Kreis, NH Office of Consumer Advocate

Eliot Crowe, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Elizabeth Nixon, NH Public Utilities Commission

Grace Hu, WA District of Columbia Public Service Commission

Greg Wikler, CA Efficiency Demand Management Council

Gregory Dierkers, US DOE – Weatherization Intergovernmental Program

Jennifer Morris, IL Commerce Commission

Johanna Zetterberg, US DOE – Office of Electricity

John Shenot, Regulatory Assistance Project

Julia Dumaine, CT Dept of Energy & Environmental Protection

Juliet Homer, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Justin Brant, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

Kara Podkaminer, US DOE – Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Kara Saul Rinaldi, Building Performance Assoc

Katherine Johnson, Johnson Consulting

Lauren Shwisberg, Rocky Mountain Institute

Marie Schnitzer, National Grid

Marty Kushler, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Mohit Chhabra, Natural Resources Defense Council

Monica Neukomm, US DOE Building Technology Office

Nadav Enbar, Electric Power Research Institute

Natalie Frick, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Nick Dreher, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Olivia Patterson, Opinion Dynamics

Phil Jones, Alliance for Transportation Electrification

Ric O’Connell, Grid Lab

Rick Gilliam, Vote Solar

Rodney Sobin, National Association of State Energy Offices

Ryan Katofsky, Advanced Energy Economy

Sami Khawaja, Cadmus

Steven Rymsha, Sunrun

Todd Bianco, RI Public Utilities Commission

Tom Stanton, National Regulatory Research Institute

Wally Nixon, AR Public Service Commission