NSPM References

To track interest, understanding and use of the NSPM, the map below shows references made in jurisdictions around the country. NSPM references include those made in regulatory dockets, federal/US DOE inquiries, legislative bills, reports and studies, and other documents where the NSPM is recommended or used as a BCA framework for improving cost-effectiveness practices. The NSPM has also been referenced in the Canadian provinces Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

For details on the NSPM references in specific jurisdictions and more generally, see this Summary of NSPM References.

Note that states where the NSPM has been referenced but not yet applied does not indicate that the commission rejected the NSPM. Rather, the NSPM is on record in a docket as a recommended BCA framework for PSC consideration.

NESP will provide updates as they evolve. If you are aware of references to the NSPM that are not listed in the downloadable file, please contact NSPM@nationalenergyscreeningproject.org.

From 2017 to summer 2020, references were primarily to the NSPM for EE. References thereafter also reflect the NSPM for DERs.